You wonderful folks have shown us that anti-SJWs are all very sweet and kind people who would never laugh at anyone for shits and giggles or call people names. After all, it is us SJWs who have a subreddit called Tumblr In Action where we spend out days laughing at anti-SJW blogs for shits and giggles.

Yeah, I think I’ll go join you lot now! Nah, just kidding! Instead, I think I’ll head over to Tumblr In Action right now and join my fellow SJWs (such as EvilFuckingSociopath, SlayBelle, and TheHat2) in laughing at the anti-SJWs.

~ Sera

ETA: And you lot are proving my point. If both the extreme SJW side or the anti-SJW insist on making excuses for why they don’t have to be nice, then where are we moderates supposed to turn? Where are those of us who are both uncomfortable with the hateful faction of the SJW community and can’t stand the mock-and-laugh anti-SJWs supposed to turn?

In short: The extreme SJWs make excuse for not being nice, and the anti-SJWs also make excuses for not being nice. You’re more alike than either of you like to admit!

Also, since you folks just don’t seem to get it, here is what we were doing: We were sardonically suggesting that it was it was us SJWs who created, admin, and inhabit TumblrInAction. After all, since you lot are all so fond of accusing us SJWs of being the mean and hateful ones - I thought you’d be incredibly thrilled to let us take credit for creating and adminning Tumblr In Action!

ETA 2: The point is, I get frustrated with the hateful faction of the the SJWs as well. In fact, I may even be inclined to agree with you on a few issues - if it wasn’t for the whole “mock-and-laugh” componant of your community. If you remove the whole “mock and-laugh” componant from your community - the the percentage of things I agree with you on may actually increase dramatically. Who knows? *shrugs*

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    A subreddit that is geared more towards calling out the crazy or just plain wrong SJW’s, /r/tumblratrest is good.
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    And this is why I’m so conflicted, right now! I don’t like the hateful faction of the SJW community, but I also don’t...
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    The mock-and-laugh component is the purpose. True, some may be there because they’re mean little shits, but for the most...
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    Uh…look at their blog title…
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    Man this is good… it’s like watching a mental breakdown happen at highspeed.
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    Ah yes - when people know that they’ve lost - they come up with stupid shit so that they seem like they are “superior’...
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    *rolls eyes at generalization*